Affordable, Simple, Elegant Websites

About website design

Website design.

Looking to get started with your website?  Budget for the project not so good?

No problem.  You can get started with a basic website at a very affordable rate, and add to it yourself!


You will need to do three things in order to get started.

1.  Decide on a domain name.

A domain name is also called a URL, it’s the bit that comes after www. in your internet browser program.

If the name you want is not available, I can help you search for something suitable.  Why not let me know your business name now and I will see what is available.

2.  Have an idea of what you want out of a website.

You will have a home page, a contact page, and anything you want to go with it.  There is no limit to the number of pages your website can have.

You will need to prepare some content for your pages, and I can put that content into your web pages.  If you cannot really decide what to put on your website, let me come up with something for you, and you can edit it to suit you.  Why not get started now?

3.  How would you like your website to look?

I build websites using themes supplied by Elegant Themes.

 View their themes and decide on a favourite, or a few favourites.  All of the themes have a live preview where you can see how they look on a website.

Remember that things like fonts, colours, background images and logos can all be changed.  And if you need some professional photographs taken of your business, I am available for this too, after all I am also a photographer.

Once you have an idea of what you want your website to do, I can begin work on a test site.  If you’re happy with it, we can go live.  And, you can still continue to have access to your test site, to see how things look when you make changes, before they are added to your live site.  A whole site, hidden from the world but available for you to practice on.

Sites are created with WordPress, which makes managing your own site very simple.


So what are you waiting for?

An affordable, smart looking website could be closer than you think.
Get started now!